Astrology as a Guide

Everyone has a unique astrology wheel specific to their day, time and place of birth.


Jennifer Lawrence


Astrology is an ancient means of interpreting your relationship to the sun, moon and every planet in our solar system. Each of us expresses ourselves or is guided with planetary influences. How are the planets connected to you? The answer can be uncanny as well as a very helpful tool to understand your life, your loves, your hard and soft edges. Conversely, in what way are you connected to each planet? Everyone has a connection to each planet which an astrologer will describe and interpret.

In preparation for an astrology reading, the astrologer creates a birth chart (illustrated above) with the date, time and place of your birth.  After your birth the planets have moved along in their orbits. In addition to interpreting your birth (or natal) chart, the astrologer looks at where the planets are in the present and studies, looks for patterns of which planets are more pronounced in relationship to where the planets are in your natal chart.

There are several layers to the interpretation of a chart. The chart is a 2-dimensional representation of what is in the sky (illustrated above.)

  • The wheel is divided into 12 sections or, Houses. They represent areas in your life such as your home, your relationships, your gifts or talents and more.
  • The numbers are the science of astrology. Planetary positions and movement along it’s orbit is calculated to the second (in time.)  With this calculation of the planets position, it also determines in which constellation of the zodiac belt it is in, or passing through. For example, if you are born in early January, the sun is passing through the constellation of Capricorn in the zodiac belt therefore your sun sign is Capricorn.
  • There are also several glyphs/symbols. The glyphs symbolize a planet or an zodiac/astrological sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.

A chart can be made for a specific event, meeting, a relationship, job interview, etc.

In 2006 I was formally introduced to astrology.  It had been a life-long interest which I then pursued via classes, books and, importantly, world events, people near to me, in the news, etc. Applying what I have learned over time- by this I mean living through historical events, experiencing my own and others patterns while studying what planetary configurations have influenced myself and the world or select population.

I have a lot of respect for the information I have obtained from either personal experience, observation of others experiences and our world- countries and cultures over my lifetime and beyond.

Astrology is the golden thread that has consistently shown , through the ages and in the cycles of our lives,